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Burper/Airlift Pump Patent Document


When you download this item you will receive the full patent document for the Burper/Airlift Pump invented by Glenn Martinez.

After purchase, you will receive an email with a link which initiates the download.  If you cannot find the file on your computer, look in the “downloads” folder for filename “OG Burper Pump patent v3-23-2015.pdf”

Product Description

The Burper/Airlift Pump is innovative in the use of a check valve to trap sediment carrying fluid in a compression chamber, and then burp it up a vertical pipe to a collector device that catches the fluid for transportation to place desired. This invention uses less electrical energy to pump a larger volume of water, much higher elevation than previous pumps invented.
The Burper Pump can be used as pulsating air lift pump, or configured as a displacement pump. Glenn Martinez, the inventor of the pump envisioned the Burper Pump being used in the Aquaponics and Aquaculture industries and back yard gardening applications. There are undoubtedly many more uses for this low energy, solids pumping pump.
The patent document describes how the pump functions, particularly in the context of aquaponics type operations.
The document includes 39 pages of figures with each component part identified and listed in part lists.