DIY: Siphon Tracking

Unfortunately, it’s common to develop problems in your aquaponic system without even knowing it. Small issues, like plants too close to drains, can grow beneath the radar until all of a sudden you’ve got a pipe clogged with roots, and a fish tank whose water hasn’t cycled in hours, or days. One of the first […]

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Moving Water with Air

Here’s an introduction to the concept of moving water with an air compressor, rather than a mechanical pump, which prevents clogging, and allows for all sorts of secondary uses, such as aeration of your fish tank.

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Taking Children Off the Streets

This time of year always inspires the best in people, and reminds us of one of our favorite stories, that of the Tuloy Foundation in the Phillipines. For a few decades now, Father Rockie, and the rest of the Tuloy Foundation have been taking children off the streets, educating, and caring for them, and turning […]

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The Integrated Tea-Maker

In this video Glenn demonstrates one method of adding a worm-tea maker to the aquaponic system so that rich, nutritious worm tea gets added to your beds with each flush of the siphons.

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DIY: Floating Watercress Planters

Here’s an interesting little tid bit. You can make a floating Watercress planter for your deep trough float beds by simply placing an inverted plastic bread pan in the trough. Your watercress shoots are placed atop, and seem to enjoy having something to grab onto.

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How To: Bucket Porthole

Here’s a little tip for you, inspired by the great Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. It’s a simple design, a bottomless 5-gallon bucket with a waterproof LED affixed to the inside, which allows you to see easily into your fish tanks. It’s great to have a few of these on hand if you have kids touring […]

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Table-Top Aquaponic System

For anyone interested in showcasing aquaponics, this design works well. We usually take it apart, and stach the pieces in the back of a pickup truck. When you arrive, you know you’ve got sturdy tables of the right height, and that all you need is water, and an electrical outlet.

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The Aqua-Port

Here’s an overview of a system we call the Aqua-Port. It’s an all-in-one display system which showcases several of our favorite technologies, runs on a single pump, and can be dismantled, packed up, and brought on an airplane. We’ve made various versions of the one you see here, and could easily adapt the design to […]

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Evolution of the Aqua-Port

Here at Olomana Gardens we’re always trying to improve our designs, bolstering affordability, functionality, and ease of construction. The Aqua-Port displays this constant evolution well. Above is the second video we shot showcasing its new design. Click here if you want to see the first design. Stay tuned, because in a few days we’re posting […]

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5 Gallon Aquaponics

A great video for beginners which shows an extremely simple aquaponic system, built mainly from 5 gallon buckets. Even if you end up building something else, this model neatly displays the importance that height plays in the relationships between the various components of your setup.

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